Is The Kings Mountain Casino In Trouble?

Two Kings Casino Artists Drawing

We previously noted how federal authorities were reviewing some of the details of the business dealings behind the Kings Mountain Casino.  The Catawba Nation previously said that the inquiry was nothing more than a standard review.  Recent developments, however, indicate this may not be the case.

The Two Kings Casino currently operates out of a temporary space off of I-95.  Construction on the opulent $275 million permanent casino and resort was supposed to start at the end of 2021.  Here we are in November of 2022, and it hasn’t broken ground yet.  Tribal leaders promised hundreds of jobs and other positive economic activity for neighboring Cleveland County when the project was announced.  Is all of it going to go up in smoke?

In March 2022, the National Indian Gaming Commission expressed concerns about a specific lease agreement between the Catawba Tribe and a business entity named Kings Mountain Sky Boat Partners, LLC.  According to the agreement, that company was granted some level of authority over the casino that may run afoul of federal law.  Bill Harris, the Catawba Nation Chief, has told the public that the nation is still working with the gaming commission on these issues.

That explains why construction hasn’t started yet, but some investors and neighboring businesses that were banking on the project to be a boon to the local economy are getting nervous.  Violations of the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act can result in punishments as minor as a civil notice and a small fine, all the way up to the closure of the casino.

So, not only is the fate of the Two Kings Casino Resort hanging in the balance, even the Two Kings Casino itself may be in some trouble.  It seems only fitting, though, that there’s some drama going on with this.  The project was hung up in courts in North Carolina and South Carolina for years before finally getting approved.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the business deal is totally on the up and up, and that construction can begin soon.  We’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, if you’re looking for other casino action in NC and nearby, there’s options in Cherokee, NC, Murphy, NC, and Bristol, VA.