Catawba Nation Responds To Kings Mountain Casino Inquiry

A controversy is brewing regarding the Catawba Nation’s Two Kings Casino in Kings Mountain, NC.  The Wall Street Journal previously reported that the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) is investigating the project, and today the Catawba Nation issued a statement regarding the matter.

In the statement (you can view it here for reference), the Catawba Nation says that the inquiry is related only to the requirements per the federal law known as the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, and that the Nation was complying in full with the investigation.  The ownership structure and owners of a company called Kings Mountain Equipment Supply LLC was not a subject of the inquiry.  That company, however, still is raising eyebrows due to the political connections of two of its owners.

The Catawba Nation maintains that the project is completely on the up and up.   “The Two Kings project was thoroughly reviewed by the Department of Interior and affirmed by a federal court… We are committed to full compliance with Federal and Catawba gaming law”.

Catawba Nation Statement on casino investigation

So, while making the Wall Street Journal and mentioning the possibility of underhanded dealings is not great for the casino’s image, it doesn’t appear that it’s imminently holding up the construction of the resort.  The casino remains open in its temporary location that has housed about 1,000 slot machines since the summer of 2021.  On July 1, a year after the casino opened, the Catawba Nationa said that work on the permanent location of the swanky resort was continuing, with a focus on some much-needed infrastructure like new sewer lines and a larger bridge at the Interstate 85 exit to accommodate all the expected visitors.  A more concrete timetable for construction is expected to be announced later in the year.

Given all the bottlenecks in the supply chain and labor force, we’re not expecting the new resort to be done anytime soon.  Have you tried to get any home improvements done lately?  Nearly impossible.  We can only imagine the challenges of a project like this.  We’ll continue to keep you posted on the Two Kings Casino here at

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